Tue, 30 September 2014 at 20:00–22:00

Koncertkirken (Blågårds Plads 6a, 2200 København)

Cyberstudio & Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen present:


Acoustic and electronic soundscapes, visual art, text and choreography are used in the programme Dialog / No Dialog.

Athelas Sinfonietta (Copenhagen) and multidisciplinary ensemble Cyberstudio (Tallinn) communicate with each other in this expressive performance of modern music, mostly by currently active composers.


  • Pierre Jodlowski (b. 1971) Dialog / No Dialog for flute and live electronics 14′
  • Lepo Sumera (1950–2000) For BBB and His Friend for flute and electric guitar 5′
  • Lisa Streich (b. 1985) Asche for clarinet and cello 15′
  • Mart Siimer (b. 1967) Spinning Globe for flute and electronics 5′
  • Tõnu Kõrvits (b. 1969) Chamber of Winds for bass flute and electric guitar 7′
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928–2007) Flute from Orchestra Finalists, for flute and electronics 5′
  • Jüri Reinvere (b. 1971) t.i.m.e. from Long Tide, for flute, electronics, video and dancer 10′
  • Monika Mattiesen (b. 1966) Afterglow and Dance of the Goddess for ensemble and live electronics (premiere) 12′


  • Monika Mattiesen (flute, artistic director)
  • Tammo Sumera (sound design, electronics)
  • Jaak Sooäär (electric guitar)
  • Mari Mägi (choreography, dance)



Entré: 60 kr.





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CYBERSTUDIO is a multidisciplinary ensemble that focuses on performing music by contemporary Estonian and foreign authors, especially of those related to IRCAM. Ensemble’s main idea is synthesis of multimedia, acoustic and electro-acoustic music with other fields of arts, creating thereby new environments in which different means of expression complement and support each other. The programmes often are put together in close collaboration with composers. While the ensemble has quite stable core, the artistic staff varies in according to new ideas and works. Since the foundation of ensemble, several exciting multimedia performances have been brought to audience.

ATHELAS SINFONIETTA COPENHAGEN has long been established as a leading Danish chamber ensemble and the nation’s foremost ensemble for contemporary music. Concerts series, participation in operas and festivals, international tours, recordings of contemporary Danish and international music and imaginative concert programming has made Athelas a remarkable institution.

Conductor KAISA ROOSE, at the early stage of her career was praised for her professionalism, and her clear and fresh interpretations. In 1997 she was awarded the Danish Grethe Kolbe scholarship for promising young conductors. Interest in contemporary music has brought Kaisa Roose to close collaboration with music ensembles such as The Esbjerg Ensemble, The Figura, The Ensemble 2000 and The Aarhus Sinfonietta.